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Reg Patten has over 20 years experience successfully building, modifying engines, cylinder heads, transaxles and preparation work of components, which has given him a wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise which he is pleased to pass on to his customers.

Selection of Engines & Cylinder Heads

HEALEY 3000CC extensive cylinder head work, special light weight conrods, pistons, carbon fibre push rods = 270 bhp @ 5800 rpm/250ft/1bs torque @ 4500 rpm
(206 BMEP)

IMP 998CC modified to full race spec = 124 bhp @ 9000 rpm/84ft/1bs torque @5500 rpm
(205 BMEP)

IMP 1200CC modified to competition (rally/sprint) spec = 116 bhp @ 7000 rpm/99ft/1bs torque @ 5500 rpm
(205 BMEP)

TRIUMPH TRIDENT 750CC m/c; cylinder head modifications =
75 bhp @8700 rpm (production class) /86 bhp @ 9000 rpm (Full race class)

Phone/Fax: 020 8661 0183


R.S. Patten � 116 Courtney Crescent � Carshalton � Surrey � SM5 4NB


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